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​​Project 1:
Zagros Digital Community Building

We are here to help you improve your digital skills.

Get in touch if you want to take part in online sessions to learn how to use the following:

1-Zoom: to connect you to your lawyer, GP, college and family

2- Google Maps: to find shops, parks and important places around the city
2- Email and social media: to keep you connected with friends, family and use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram safely

5- Transport: to book the cheapest bus and train tickets

6- How to access council and government online services 

We can provide the following support to help you access the sessions: 

* Internet top up

* Smart phone

* 1-2-1 support for those who need it

* Book your space/Get in touch, call or txt this number


Register to book your session 

Special Thanks To Our Funders


​Project 2:
free Haircuts
for you

To book your place, please fill the following form:

Register to get a free haircut 

Herbal Teas

lavender Oil

Herbal teas from Grass Roots Remedies in Edinburgh

Lavender oil from the Solidarity Apothecary

Calm, Night-time, Nourish & Breath Tea

Get in touch if you would like some 

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